9 Ways to Incoporate Calligraphy in Your Wedding

With engagement season upon us and wedding season right around the corner, today I wanted to share with you 8 easy and timeless ways to incorporate calligraphy into your wedding ceremony and reception, so without further ado, scroll on down!


Large signs are the perfect way to welcome guests to your wedding! They can be made out of wood, acrylic, printed on canvas, mirrors, etc.

Photo Credit:  Escaped Studios

Photo Credit: Escaped Studios


Seating charts have become one of my favorite day-of reception pieces. They’re a fun alternative to traditional tented place cards and can be a statement piece upon entering your reception. The seating chart below was created out of acrylic, but, they can also be created out of wood, mirrors, printed on canvas, banners, etc.

Photo Credit:  Rachel Pearlman

Photo Credit: Rachel Pearlman

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Let’s quick touch on the difference between place cards and escort cards, because the terms are often used interchangeabley but technically don’t mean the same thing.

Escort cards - Generally set on a table at the entrance to the reception, escort cards include the name of your guests and the tables you’ve assigned them to.

Place cards - Once your guests have their escort cards and know which table to sit at, place cards are used to direct guests to a specific seat at that table.

Place and escort cards can literally be made out of anything from paper, to agate slices, acrylic, wood, leaves, etc. They can also double as party favors or be affixed to favors.


Before we talk about table numbers, let’s first make a vow to each other that we’ll forever banish those black and white banquet numbers, k? Similar to what we’ve covered above, table numbers can be created out of anything (paper, wood, acrylic, etc.) and they don’t even need to be numbers, per se. Tables can be named after places meaningful to the couple, landmarks, street names, astrological signs, etc.

Photo Credit:  Isabel March Photography


If you’re throwing a party that serves alcohol, what better way to call attention to the signature cocktails you’re serving by incorporating cocktail signage.

Photo Credit:  Hope Helmuth Photography
Photo Credit:  M2 Photography

Photo Credit: M2 Photography


We can talk about signage all day long but the most important pieces of your wedding are the invitations! Invitations are the perfect place to incorporate calligraphy into your wedding. Basically, anywhere on your invitations that contains a script font (for example, your names, reception to follow, venue name, etc.) can be replaced with spot calligraphy. What is spot calligraphy, you ask? It’s handwritten calligraphy that is used on your invitations in lieu of a computer generated script. It’s more personal, and when combined with matching calligraphy for guest addressing on your envelopes you can be sure you’ll make an impression on your guests!

Photo Credit:  Maria Mack Photography
Spot Calligraphy by Caitlin Jane Calligraphy www.caitlinjanecalligraphy.com


Not all signs at your wedding have to serve a specific purpose, like a welcome sign, or bar sign, and instead can be just for fun! The two pieces below were created for a wedding at Glen Foerd in Philadelphia and added special touches throughout the reception but didn’t serve a specific purpose aside from additional decor.

Photo Credit:  M2 Photography

Photo Credit: M2 Photography

Reception Signage by Caitlin Jane Calligraphy www.caitlinjanecalligraphy.com


Not feeling traditional signage? Banners are a great way to switch things up! I’ve seen banners used as seating charts, welcome signs, ceremony backdrops, table runners, or in lieu of ceremony programs as shown below.

Photo Credit:  Maria Mack Photography


Last but not least, calligraphy can be incorporated other into signs used in your ceremony/reception or to inform guests of the day’s events or as smaller elements like a ceremony toss, cards and gift sign, or guest book sign.

Photo Credit:  Escaped Studios

Photo Credit: Escaped Studios

Ceremony Toss Sign by Caitlin Jane Calligraphy www.caitlinjancalligraphy.com

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